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Community Support

May 22 2020
Activities to Engage Virtually
Benefit daily updates 5.20.2020
Daily living resources 5.20.2020
Food and Household Supplies 5.20.2020
Health Resources 5.20.2020
What are you doing this summer 2020 star
May 21 2020
What Are You Doing This Summer 2020
May 12 2020
Benefit daily updates 5.12.2020
May 6 2020
Benefit daily updates
Daily living resources
Food and Household Supplies
Health Resources
Pandemic Guide for ASD Adults 2020
socialization and activities
May 1 2020
Benefit daily updates 5.1.2020
socialization and activities 5.1.2020
April 28 2020
Food Stamps benefits
Press Release from Social Security regarding Stimulus check 4.28.2020
April 27 2020
socialization and activities 4.27.2020
Unemployment with COVID-19 CARE Act 4.22.2020
April 24 2020
Benefit daily updates
Daily living resources
Food and Household Supplies
Health Resources
housing and community living needs
Shelter from the Storm SDM guide
socialization and activities
April 20 2020
CSS Update #19 April 20
April 17 2020
CSS Update #18 April 17
April 16 2020
CSS Update #17 April 16
April 15 2020
CSS Update #16 April 15
April 13 2020
CSS Update #15 April 13
April 9 2020
CSS Update #14 April 9
April 8 2020
CSS Update #13 April 8
April 7 2020
CSS Update #12 April 7
April 6 2020
CSS Update #11 April 6
Mental Health Activities
Virtual Story Telling 2020
Be an Active Family – 10 Tips
Covid-19 Time Capsule
April 3 2020
CSS Update #10
CARES Act Moratorium on Evictions
Energy Assistance COVID 19
SWMO COVID-19 Resources
Zoom Meeting Settings

Educational Resources

July 13 2020
Lay Educational Advocacy Project
June 03 2020
Additional DESE Summer School Q and A
College Guide for Students With Learning Disabilities
ldaamerica.org-Support and Resources for Parents
se-state-plan-part-b-speech-language-eligibility-criteria 2019
Tools for Student Success
When your Child’s Bx Plan has stopped working
May 29 2020
CDC Considerations for Schools, Day Cares and Colleges Re- Opening
Check List for Parents Schools and Childcare Programs Reopening
MO Health Net Telehealth Therapy Codes
Preparedness for Child Care Programs
Reading, Learning, Engagement Activities
State Financial Aid.A+ and Bright Flight Info
US Department of Education Loans
Tips for a Successful Virtual Meeting
May 19 2020
2020 Summer School Dates for Greene County
Building Skills at Home
Hands on Learning A Day at the Zoo
Terms and Conditions Used in Special Education
May 15 2020
Colleges and 504 and IEP Plans
Investigating Colleges through On Line Research
MO DESE Transition Planning
Post Secondary Transition Form for students with IEPs
Transitioning from HS to College from Wright’s Law
May 12 2020
Boys and Girls Club Learning at HOME
Free Resources to Keep Kids Learning Amid School Closures
JED Voices Video. Conquering Anxiety
May 5 2020
April 28 2020
Wide Open School Free-Online Learning
National Center for Learning Disabilities. Resources and Tools
Missouri Connections Career Planning
Educating All Learners. Technology links. Resources
April 24 2020
DESE Admin Summer School Memo during Co-Vid
DESE Q and A and deadlines for Summer School during Co-Vid
Summer EXPLORE Program is offering virtual learning!
April 21 2020
2019-2020 Year end list for graduating seniors with IEP’s
Autism Resources from A to Z
I am determined self advocacy awareness
Your Goals with your child who has an IEP during Stay at Home
April 20 2020
Parenting during the Pandemic: WEBINAR April 22
April 17 2020
Homemade face covering guidance
Helping parents access online learning through SPS
Household chores for adolescents
Self care from the JED foundation
MOCAP guidance
Parent advocacy during the COVID-19 crisis
SPS announces rescheduling of Commencement for August
Activities for supporting at home children
April 16 2020
Temporary Lowcost Internet Information
April 15 2020
3 weeks of FREE reading lessons K-5th Grade
7 ways to calm a young brain during trauma
Guide on supporting someone with autism
Addressing the needs of serving children with disabilities
Multi-Sensory techniques for teaching handwriting
Multi-Sensory techniques for teaching math
Self care checklist for families during stay at home
Springfield schools at home resources weeks 3-5
SPS Packet day of learning for preschool students
April 9 2020
DESE School Closing Update
Story time with Connor and his Mom
What is your Good Life-Jamie M
What is Your Good Life- Jami P
April 8 2020
Education Update # 13
Picture Schedule- Evening Routine
Picture Schedule-Cleaning Room
Picture Schedule-Study Hour Routine
Sample Daily Schedule from Republic Elementary
Coping from a Traumatic Event
Getting Ready for the Day
April 7 2020
Evaluation and IEP Timeline Options
Q & A on Services for Children with Disabilities
Update # 12 Links to Educational Resources
US Dept.of Ed. Update-Children with Disabilities
FREE online learning experiences
Willard School District Welcomes Dr. Missy Lucas!
April 6 2020
Educational Liaison Update April 6th
Health and Wellbeing Star
April 3 2020
What is your Good Life – Rachel
What is your Good Life – Katrina
What is your Good Life – Jessie
What is your Good Life – Mallory

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